A New Short Story

I haven’t written any short stories for a very long time, but recently one imposed itself on me, so I wrote it.   I thought I’d post it here as a free sample of my writing for you.  It’s called “In the Butcher Shop.”  I hope you like it.  Feel free to post comments.  (You’ll need to create an account first.  Sorry, but it’s necessary to control spam.)

Stylistically, “In the Butcher Shop” is a bit different from my novels, The Fibonacci Murders and the forthcoming sequel, True Death.  While writing it, I had the curious sense of channeling Ray Bradbury, although admittedly I’m nowhere as good as he is.  Bradbury is, however, one of the big influences on my writing, so maybe there is something to that feeling.  I guess you can be the judge of that when you read the story.