Now you can purchase my books right here on my website. I’ve added a “Buy Books” link in the top menu. It’s a drop-down link. Click on it directly to go to my bookstore, or drop it down to access the “Merch” link where you can buy merchandise I’ve designed for you.

Why would I bother with this? My books are already available at major booksellers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple Books. In fact, it’s mostly a way to reward my Story Corner subscribers. I can readily provide free ebooks by emailing them, but I can’t email a print book. I also don’t have a way to provide discount coupons through major booksellers. And that’s why I created this store.

When you subscribe to Story Corner, you’ll get a free electronic copy of The Fibonacci Murders (Howard County Mystery #1), plus “Seven Apples” (a Howard County short story). Then you’ll receive occasional discount coupons for my books, which you can use when you purchase them here. Problem solved!

I hope you’ll take a moment to browse the store and give me feedback on what you like or don’t like. Also, please let me know if you discover any problems in ordering. It’s new, so there may be a few glitches.

Thank you!

Dale E. Lehman

Dale E. Lehman

I'm the guy who owns the site. You can read more about me at the "About" link.