by Dale E. Lehman

Frazzled and late and dressed in blue, Melody slipped into the seat at the table in the mall’s center atrium. “Moron!” she spat in a whisper as she plopped her blue saddlebag on the table.

Bernard stared first at her clothes and then the bag. “What the hell? I said change from blue to green.”

“You said green to blue!”

“The guy is red-green colorblind! He’s supposed to see you in blue!”

“And what’s the deal with that door?”

Subject-changing always was Melody’s best defense, Bernard grumbled. “What door?”

“You said go through the next door. The service corridors are back there. I got lost!”

Bernard shut his eyes. “I said go into the next store! Change in the dressing room in the next store!” She pointed a finger in argument, but he cut her off. “You at least got the stuff?”



“He didn’t have any!”

“It’s a jewelry store! How can he not have any?”

“Next time do your research better! They only sell real jewelry!”

Bernard nearly tore his hair out. “Not bling! Rings! Wedding rings!”

Melody snatched back her bag and slapped it into her lap. “He didn’t even know what wedding bling was.”

“How did you find your way out?” Bernard asked wearily. Melody and Bernard, he thought. Bonnie and Clyde, he thought. No contest, he thought.

“A security guard helped me.”

“Oh, God.” He looked around. Police were converging on their table.

“This,” Melody said darkly, “is all your fault.”


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