Fly off the edge of the map!

Space Operatic is a tale of high culture on the fringes of our solar system, surrounded by corporate greed, abuse of power, rebellious miners, bloodthirsty mercenaries, outrageous lies, intense loathing, inane conversations, and more unintended consequences than you can shake a baton at.

And best of all, you can experience it all from the comfort of your favorite reading chair. No spaceship required. Just hop over to your favorite bookseller or my online store.

Howard County Mystery Novels

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Short Stories

Here are a few of my short stories from I’m giving these to you free of charge. (Medium charges $5/month for unlimited access.) Story Corner subscribers receive more of these every month, so be sure to sign up. Plus, you’ll get a free gift just for subscribing.

One Chicago Night
And old medicine man at the top of the world.
On the Beach
A nice place to be stranded, no matter how far from home.
The Forest
Not of trees but deadly metal.
The queen is safe. Or is she?
In the Butcher Shop
Time to leave, but there’s nowhere to run.
The Fortune Teller
Do spirits whisper in her ear, or is it just your face?

Works in Progress

The Realm of Tiny Giants, a collection of short stories written over the past three years, is now in layout. It should be released late 2020. (Sorry for the delay. That COVID thing happened and bolluxed up everything.) I’ll keep you posted on progress.

Weasel Words is mostly ready to go to editing. It’s now looking like a first quarter 2021 release. (Ditto on COVID.) A crime/humor novel, it stars Bernard and Melody Earls, a husband-wife team of professional thieves hired to nab, of all things, a sterling silver statuette of a pine marten, a European species of weasel, from a filthy rich gang of siblings who’ve feuded over its ownership for decades. What a bunch of idiots! Or is there more to it than meets the eye? Hmmm…

Howard County Mystery #4, so far unnamed, is in the works, featuring detectives Rick Peller, Corina Montufar, and Eric Dumas investigating an unsettling break-in at a gun shop and the discovery of human remains that may be evidence of a murder over half a century ago.

Penitence, a near-future post-apocalytic tale about a world in which psychoactive biological weapons have run amok, is in its early stages. Based in a short story I wrote decades ago, it seems strangely relevant to the COVID-19 world, although I swear I started work on the novelization well before this particular coronavirus appeared.