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See the right sidebar? Those are my new covers for the first three Howard County Mysteries. The new editions, published by Red Tales, are now on sale all over the place. You should be able to find them at your favorite online store. Brick-and-mortar stores can order them for you, too. If you don’t mind the original covers, you can still get them at clearance prices at Serpent Cliff.

So that’s one big job for 2019 crossed of my list. Next up: Space Operatic! If you’ve been following me, you’ll have heard me mention it here and there. We’re starting the book design now. The novel will be released sometime later this year (release date to be determined). To whet your appetite, here’s a possible blurb for the back cover:

Curse be damned!

Roberto Maccarone has taken his company, Space Operatic, to the fringes of the solar system in pursuit of artistic acclaim. But in the cold dark of the Oort Territories where the culture scene is lower than that found in most petri dishes, Lady Luck plays hard-to-get. Maccarone’s theater blows up, a power-mad businessman tricks him into spying on a gang of malcontent miners, and a horde of ruthless mercenaries descend, guns blazing. Really, now, how hard can it be to stage a performance?

Some say a curse has followed the company ever since that incident on Titan, but Maccarone will never lose faith, especially since he’s discovered that the most fabulous theater in the solar system lies just next door, cosmically speaking. If only he could play that theater, Maccarone’s success would be assured! But the keys are held in the icy grip of the local Culture Minister, and nothing–not Maccarone, not obscene amounts of money, not even that guy who juggles flaming kabobs while singing an ancient song about how great America was–can pry them loose. Will it be fame for Maccarone and his troupe? Or unemployment in Beelzebub’s outhouse?

Let me know what you think!

On Tour!

In conjunction with Goddess Fish Promotions, I’ll be on virtual tour from February 19th through March 2nd, promoting my forthcoming Howard County Mystery, Ice on the Bay, co-authored by my wife Kathleen.

A virtual tour consists of stops at book blogs, where I’ll be interviewed and present guest posts. In some cases, bloggers will be reviewing Ice on the Bay. You can keep track of events day by day via my book tour Facebook event. Be sure to indicate that you are going or interested.

The itinerary for the tour is as follows. Please note that most of the links go to the blog’s home page instead of the specific page for my appearance. A few go to the specific page, but as those pages will not be “live” until the indicated dates, the links won’t work if you visit them early.

February 19: Long and Short Reviews – Guest Post
February 20: Edgar’s Books – Interview, and Two Crazy Ladies Love Romance  – Interview
February 21: Stormy Nights Reviewing and Bloggin’ – Book Review
February 22: The Reading Addict – Guest Post
February 23: Bookaholic – Book Review
February 26: Readeropolis – Interview
February 27: Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews – Book Review
February 28: It’s Raining Books – Interview
March 1: Sharing Links and Wisdom – Guest Post
March 2: Straight From the Library – Interview

A lot of these seem to be heavy on romance, which Ice on the Bay is not (although there is a developing relationship in there, as those who read True Death might have expected).  But since they’ve agreed to cover up my title, they must have some interest in mysteries. Indeed, one of my guest posts suggests that mystery is a bigger deal than even romance. I’ll maintain a bit of mystery by not revealing which one. 😉

Reviewer Loves “Ice on the Bay”!

As we near the February 26th release of Ice on the Bay, we’ve received our first review, and it’s a great one courtesy of British book blogger Julia Wilson. She previously gave great reviews for The Fibonacci Murders and True Death, and seems to like Ice on the Bay even more:

A cold case collides with present day crimes of murder, blackmail, arson and burglary. The cases run side by side as the reader tries to guess the connection, if any. Literally a jaw dropping ending that had me hooked and reading with heart racing.

You can read her full review at Christian Bookaholic and BookGobbler.