Short Stories

Here are a few short stories for your enjoyment.  Sign up for my email list to receive notifications of new stories, the stories behind the stories, and links to stories I publish on

The House of Music
A strange house and the controversy surrounding it.

In The Butcher Shop
The town veterinarian is up to something, but does anybody care?

National Park
A mountain that isn’t what it seems.

The Planter of Flowers
Vandalism in the garden. It must be stopped!


Flash Fiction

So-called flash fiction is a really short short story. Writing a complete story in very limited space can be quite a challenge! I’ve written a few of these lately for weekly contests at Indies Unlimited.

The Lighthouse
A return to the beginning signals the end.

An Incident at the Mall
Bernard and Melody: nowhere near master criminals.

One Chicago Night
A visit to the top of the world.

The Old Place
Someone is still there.

An Incident at the Grocery Store
Bernard and Melody return, with predictable results.

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