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The Great Enemy

In his song Friends With You, John Denver marveled at what a wonderful friend time was, giving us children, wisdom, stories to tell, and more. He had a point.

But some days, time seems to be our biggest enemy, or rather, lack of time does. We end up with so much on our plates that we can’t possibly attend to it all, and things end up not getting done. As ‘Abdu’l-Baha once said after noting that he hadn’t written to his sister in a long time, “When the most important work is before us, the important must wait.”

That’s why this blog has languished for some time. I have four jobs right now, and blogging is part of the one that gets done in my “spare” time. My day job pays the bills. A side gig I have with a former employer adds a much-needed boost to the kitty. My sideline as CEO and President of One Voice Press doesn’t pay us anything, so we’re in the process of shutting that down. Even so, it takes up some of my time. And then there is my writing, which pays me about enough for a tank of gas every month. Blogging is connected to that, so it often doesn’t get done.

Still, I have good intentions. I hope in 2019 to return to more active blogging.  In the meantime, I’d like to share with you a holiday story I wrote for Medium.com about a cat, an artificial Christmas tree, and a meteor. It’s called “Falling Star.” I hope you like it.

Whatever holidays you celebrate, I hope they are filled with joy, love, and friendship. I’ll see you again in 2019, or if time permits, maybe a bit sooner.

The House of Music

In the early 1990’s, I wrote one of my rare Baha’i-inspired stories.  As with “The Planter of Flowers,” I buried the connection rather deep. Baha’is might get it. Others, maybe not so much.

People who read it seemed to like it, but it confused them. What the heck was the author trying to say? One editor commented that by the end of the story, they, too wanted to go into the house and dance to the strains of eternal music. But still, what was it all about?

I’ll let you try to figure it out. Without futher ado, here it is: The House of Music. I’ll explain it in my newsletter on Friday, but do read it first. (If you’re not a subscriber, use the popup form that appears when you’re about to leave to sign up.) It’s always possible you might be the rare person who actually gets it!

Return to Planet Baha’i

In 1999, I was recruited by About.com to provide content on the Baha’i Faith.  My work appeared there starting in January 2000, but in late September 2001 financial problems led to the removal of about one third of their subject sites, including mine.  Shortly thereafter, I created a website call Planet Baha’i to house the articles I had written and continue the work.

Planet Baha’i had a great run, lasting until 2010 when my wife and I founded our publishing company, One Voice Press.  Because we didn’t have time for both projects, Planet Baha’i went into semi-retirement, remaining online as an archive of articles and other materials.

Earlier this year, we suffered a mishap that resulted in the loss of all of our Planet Baha’i content.  Since that time, all I’ve had online is a simple page linking to our Planet Baha’i ebooks (which contain a selection of our best articles).

This week, I decided to recreate the site as a WordPress blog.  You’ll find it at www.planetbaha.org.  It will be a far less ambitious project than its previous incarnation.  I will simply be posting  thoughts and meditations from a Baha’i perspective as they occur to me and as I have time.  But I hope that over time it will grow into a useful and interesting resource for people of all faiths.

Stop by when you have a chance.  Thanks!