Works in Progress

The third in my Howard County Mysteries series, Ice on the Bay, is in the works. During one of the coldest winters in Maryland history, Detective Lieutenant Rick Peller takes a new look at an old missing persons case, Detective Sergeant Corina Montufar investigates an arson that impossibly looks to be the handiwork of a man currently serving time, and Detective Sergeant Eric Dumas follows the trail of a killer, only to find that the deceased had a long list of enemies he had cheated and blackmailed.

Also in the works: Space Operatic, an SF/humor novel featuring a hapless opera company trying to make it big in the outer fringes of our solar system. Opera company owner Roberto Maccarone struggles against the combined forces of a heartless Culture Minister, a power mad mining company executive, oppressed miners bent on sabotage, a rebellious board member scheming to return the opera company to the inner solar system, and just plain bad luck. And all he wants to do is stage a great performance in the greatest theater in the solar system. How hard could that be?

A completely different mystery novel waits in the wings: The Baha’i Lady, features, well, yeah, a Baha’i lady as the unofficial assistant to the local police chief in a small Midwestern town. I haven’t worked on it for quite awhile, but I’ll return to it some day.


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