My SF/humor novel Space Operatic, is looking for an agent. Therein, a hapless opera company trying to hit the big time on the fringes of our solar system becomes embroiled in espionage, sabotage, corporate infighting, mercenary attacks, and general bad luck.  Honestly, how hard can it be to stage a production?

I’ve compled the first draft of my crime/humor novel Weasel Words, starring Bernard and Melody Earls, a husband-wife team of professional thieves hired to nab, of all things, a sterling silver statuette of a pine marten, a European species of weasel.

I’ve made a start on my fourth Howard County Mystery, a so-far unnamed novel bringing together detectives Rick Peller, Corina Montufar, and Eric Dumas on crimes set against the backdrop of major flooding in Ellicott City, Maryland.

I’m also writing short stories, including flash fiction, most of which end up on on I plan to release a collection of short stories titled The Realm of Tiny Giants, possibly near the end of 2019.