What’s a Dale E. Lehman?

Good question.  Hmm, let’s see . . .

He’s  a native of northwest Ohio (Sylvania, to be precise) who has also lived in the Chicago suburbs, Sacramento, the Chicago suburbs again, and for a couple of decades now the Baltimore suburbs.

He’s spent most of his adult life developing software for financial, government, health care, and general business users.

He’s co-owner of One Voice Press, LLC, a small publishing company that publishes titles under two imprints (so far): One Voice Press and Serpent Cliff.

He’s a writer who has published technical articles on software development, essays in Sky & Telescope magazine, a great number of essays on the Baha’i Faith (see below), and his Howard County Mystery novels The Fibonacci Murders and True Death. (The third novel, Ice on the Bay, is due out late 2017.

He’s a husband, father, grandfather, and herder of cats.

He is an amateur astronomer and bonsai-artist-in-training.

He is a member of the Baha’i Faith, plus owner of and principal writer for the website Planet Baha’i (although today it is reduced from its former glory to a mere infrequently updated blog).

If you would like to contact Dale, please use his contact form.

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