Short Stories

My best short stories are to be found in my collections:

These and other stories are also available on (The versions in the above collections are more thoroughly edited.) Medium stories are behind a subscription paywall. I receive a (tiny) portion of your subscription dollars whenever you read my stories there. Story Corner subscribers receive free access to some of my stories on Medium, so be sure to sign up. Plus, you’ll get free gifts just for subscribing!

Works in Progress

The first draft of Penitence, a near-future post-apocalyptic tale about a world in which psychoactive biological agents have run amok, is finally done! Revision (and revision and revision) is in progress. I hope to release it sometime in 2024.

Rooftop Sonata (Bernard and Melody Caper #2) is now in progress. I hope to release this one in late 2024.

A few months before she passed away, my late wife Kathleen gave me some material for Howard County Mystery #5. I don’t have a title or even a plot for it yet, just an idea, but it will materialize in due course.